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Carrera Classic has long experience of restoration of 1960´s and 1970´s classic Porsches. We have experience on racing cars and we have worked more and more in recent years with G model and 964/993 cars. We have also good knowledge of Porsche history and the history of the early racing cars. This gives us good capabilities to build your dream car. It can be a fully individualised 964 backdate, a full bread early 911 racing car or 912/6 hod rod. On this page you can follow the story of a 964 backdate project, which we have been building for a customer. We call this project CC1. 


Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – Is Ready

Our two year 964 backdate project, CC1 is ready and delivered to the customer. Carrera Classic .fi has been the last 10 years known for high quality restorations of 1960´s and 1970´s Porsches, mainly 356, 912 and 911 models. This project was new and highly interesting for us

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Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – Part 5

Spring had arrived and snow was melting even in Finland. We had now almost completed our two year 964 backdate project, which has been named CC1. The final test drives weredone in late April at Botniaring racetrack in Jurva. The conditions were great, but unusual. The track was clean and dry, sun

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Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – Part 4

Our 964 backdate project had progressed to the final installation phase. The gearbox was not a big issue as it is standard five speed manual transmission. We just rebuild the transmission and changed the damaged pinon and ring. The transmission got Quife limited slip. The engine

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Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – Part 3

Now our Porsche 964 backdate project: CC1 has progressed and starts to look like a Porsche. It actually looks really like a F model as was the original intention of backdating. This project is still very much work in progress. The front and rear fenders

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Our 964 CC1 backdate project is progressing. Now the main welding work is done and the car has got its black paint which is the same color as the original car. After painting the big changes in the chassi are getting somehow more discreet. The

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Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – PART 1

We have been working now for good 6 months with a fascinating Porsche 964 backdating project. This project has got a project name CC1. We started with a complete and well running 964 C2 which we sourced together with the client. The first step in

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