Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – Part 4

Our 964 backdate project had progressed to the final installation phase. The gearbox was not a big issue as it is standard five speed manual transmission. We just rebuild the transmission and changed the damaged pinon and ring. The transmission got Quife limited slip. 

The engine was a much larger project. The engine had done over 200.000 km and it was time for full engine rebuild. As part of the build we added Dilavar bolts, Carillo connecting rods and 11.3:1 compression ratio 3,8 liter Mahle piston and cylinder set. The engine top was rebuild with new valves.  The exhaust system is Cargraphic sport exhaust package with 100 cell catalysators, remote controlled flaps and GT3 look pipes. This system has fabulous sound and the quality of the pipes is exceptional. The fuel injection side has been improved with modified throttle body and FVD race air flow meter and related software. The cooling system was quite challenging as the space for the cooling elements was limited by the front end modifications and new LED lights. We were originally intending to use two Setrab coolers in the front in a same way as the original 911 R and our own race car has been build.  Finally as the air conditioning was removed, we installed standard 964 coolers sideways on both side in the front. 

The interior got full treatment. The center console was shortened and all vinyl parts got red stitching. Also the Momo Protipo got real leather and red stiching. The black interior mats also have red stiching. There was no margin left when the Recaro SC seats were installed, but they fitted finally well. In the rear there is no seats, but Heigo half cage. The F-model front console needed quite a lot of  work to be fitted properly. The stereos system is Blaupunkt retro radio with Alpine amplifier and speakers.




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