Our 964 CC1 backdate project is progressing. Now the main welding work is done and the car has got its black paint which is the same color as the original car. After painting the big changes in the chassi are getting somehow more discreet. The car is still very wide, but the lines are all very soft and fit well together. After working years with F and G model cars it is difficult to even remember that this car is a 964. The changes to 964 are quite significant.


These Singer style fenders flares are rounder than the ST or RSR ones and the rounding goes in an opposite way. These are bend out and the original Porsche ones are bend slightly inside. We really like this shape. The car will of course look still different when the engine, transmission and interior are in place and the car is adjusted to its final running height.


One challenging part of the work with old Porsches is to fit the modern racing seats. We have had to do some experimenting already with the early 911 race cars to find the seat which fit or even worse two seats which fit in to the cabin. Early Porsche 911 is a small car. The 964 cabin is the same, but with a bigger center tunnel which is build for the 4-wheel drive system it is even smaler. We are fitting the new Recaro Sporster CSs seats to this car. The Heigo roll cage fits very well to the car.


There is one issue also good to remember in this phase. The chassi and the opening for the front and rear window are the same as in F and G model. This does not mean that you can use the 964 windows, which are actually bigger than the F and G model. The difference is due to the different window gaskets and the chrome list which is going around the windows in the older models.


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