Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – PART 1

We have been working now for good 6 months with a fascinating Porsche 964 backdating project. This project has got a project name CC1. We started with a complete and well running 964 C2 which we sourced together with the client. The first step in the project was to agree the specification with the customer and then start sourcing all the components which is a major task in such a project.


When the real work started the car was fully dismantled and the conversion of chassi to look like a 1970´s long hood F model started. The front and rear fenders need major changes to accommodate old style indicator lights, new bumpers and new fender flares. The car will have wide Singer style fender flares to accommodate the 9 and 11 inch wide 18 inch Fuchs wheels. The wheels are special order Braid wheels. The tyres will be 245/35/18 and 295/30/18. The suspension will be Bilstein sports suspension with lower springs and the brakes will be upgraded both in front and rear. The engine is 3,8 liter conversion with a lot of special parts


There are many suppliers of 964 backdate chassi parts, but regardless if the parts are steel, aluminium or fiberglass the major issue is always to get the parts to fit. This is an issue with all the old Porsche restorations, but with very special backdate parts mixing different materials this even more an issue. All can be done, but it takes more time and real experience.


The project is going to final assembly in late summer and we will tell you more later as we make progress.

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