Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – Part 5

Spring had arrived and snow was melting even in Finland. We had now almost completed our two year 964 backdate project, which has been named CC1. The final test driveweredone in late April at Botniaring racetrack in Jurva. The conditions were great, but unusual. The track was clean and dry, sun was shining from clear skys, temperature was +17 C° and there was still a lot of snow on the side of the track. 

This car has Bilstein sport suspension with lowering springs. To lower the car and then adjust it to the correct high was more complicated than we first thought. The theoretical height measures for the springs did not really work, the different suspension parts have their limits in terms of adjustments and the final adjustment had to be done several times as it took time and driving before the car settled to its final position. The Big Red brakes in front and 993 rear brakes worked perfectly with 993 main brake cylinder. The brakes are big and need minimum of 17” wheels. We went for 18” Braid wheels for looks and better availability of wider tyres. The car has Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tyres in 245/35 in front and 295/30 in rear. In total this combination of suspension, wheels and brakes was giving a truly stable driving feeling and balanced brake behavior even on the track. We were still running in the 3.8 liter engine thus we did not test the full potential of the car or the engine. But the test results were very promising.  During the initial test drives there were surprisingly few issues. The most time consuming problems were small irritating issues with the warning lights of ABS brakes and engine management system. Finally all was fixed.

This car will be primary a fast street car, but it has also been build to suit well to track day or time trial type of use.  

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