Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – Part 3

Now our Porsche 964 backdate project: CC1 has progressed and starts to look like a Porsche. It actually looks really like a F model as was the original intention of backdating. This project is still very much work in progress. The front and rear fenders are still loose and we are still missing a lot of the equipment. The brakes, oilcooling and the dashbord are the biggest issues at the moment. The first short running test for the engine with temporary setup was done. It starts and goes well, takes easily rpm. The exhaust sounds from the Cargraphic exhaust system with GT3 pipes were great. Anyway it is still very early days to comment the engine more. We showed the car first time to the customer to give a feeling how the car will look and how it will be standing on its 18 inch wheels and 295/30/18 – 245/35/18 Michelin tyres. The wheels need still the spacers, whichc are part of the plan. The car is now almost at it lowest position which can be reached with Bilstein street/sport suspension package. It is lower than original, but it is not extreme as a pure race car would be. Customer was was very happy. The interior is still half way, but it will be very nice with black 356 interior, Heigo half cage and Recaro CS Sportster seats.

The main challenge in this kind project is to plan all the modifications and get all the possible dimensions right. We calculated the offset values of the tailor made Braid wheels several times before we were sure. The other problem is the installation phase  to fit all the different components together. The parts come from different sources and they are originally for different models of the cars. They are of different materials: Steel, aluminium, fiberglass,…etc. You need skills, devotion and patience when building such cars.

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