Porsche 964 Backdate – CC1 – Is Ready

Our two year old 964 backdate project, CC1 is ready and delivered to the customer. Carrera Classic has been the last 10 years known for high quality restorations of 1960´s and 1970´s Porsches, mainly 356, 912 and 911 models in Finland. This project was new and highly interesting for us and we are quite proud of the final result. The intention was to make a serious backdate conversion, respecting the original 1970’s Porsche heritage and have a car still quite discreet in its general style. We think we have been quite successful in reaching this objective.


This project started with the sourcing of the donator car: 1991 model 964 C2 together with the customer. The work continued with the specification and engineering of the car, which we did very much together with the customer. It is one thing to pick up the different components from the websites, but the real challenge is to find a combination of the components which finally also work together. The chassi conversion was the big job and in particular the final fitting of the different glass fiber parts took longer than estimated. We did not do any compromises, thus there were certainly some rework during the process. We decided early that we will do the fender conversion and the “Singer look” fender flares in steel. The front and rear bumpers are glass fiber. The front hood is aluminium. The complete rebuild of the interior, dashboard, suspension, brake system, engine cooling, light system… was a bigger job than we originally estimated. The project took us in total over 1000 hours ex engine and transmission work. 


The final quality of such project is all in the technical and visual details which all need to be right. The interior was made as a mix of old and new style with the 356 carpets, the old 911 basketweave vinyl in the dash and the red stiching in all the interior details. The central filling, Recaro SC seats, Rennline pedals and Heigo half cage give some racing feeling. The original restored Porsche emblem in the hood and original early 1970´s style Porsche text are part of the heritage. The Carrera Classic engraved door sills give the final touch.  

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