Carrera Classic

The Finnish Porsche collection

Carrera Classic is a family owned collection of classic, top of the range and historically important Porsches. We are based close to Vaasa in Finland. Our collection has represented a good cross section of the top of the range Porsches from the air cooled era to the best of the water cooled 911´s. 

About us


Our cars have ranged from 1955 356 Pre-A Cabriolet and 356 Carrera 2 with the legendary ”Fuhrmann” engine to several early 911´s and the future classics as the 2011 997 GT3 RS with the famous 4 liter “Mezger” race engine. We have experience with all air cooled Porsches from 356 to 964/993 models. Still, closest to our heart are the late 1960´s and early 1970´s first generation classic 911´s.

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Carrera Classic started as a private    collection of the historical and important Porsches from 1960´s and 70´s.

“Since 2012 we have been building our competence related to all aspects of restoration of historic air cooled Porsches”

In 2018 we decided to extend our business and work also with external customer projects. Since then we have done for our customers 1-3 major repairs, partial restorations or major upgrades a year in addition to our own race and restoration projects. We have worked with all major air cooled Porsche models.

Cars for sale

  • Conda Green 911 E

    Porsche 911 E was introduced first time for the 1969 model year with a two liter engine to be the model between the S and the basic T. The E came from the mechanical fuel injection which was in German language ”Einspritzung”. The second generation…

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  • Ivory White - Fully Restored

    The Porsche 911 was developed as a more powerful, larger and more comfortable replacement for the Porsche 356. The new car made its public debut in1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The actual production run started with the 1965 model in 1964. The 1965 and…

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