Tekniikan Maailma: Carrera Classic

Leading Finnish technical magazine Tekniikan Maailma published a large, 10 page article (in Finnish) written by Tapani Mäkinen about Carrera Classic and restoration of the classic Porches. This article tells first about the history of the founders and the background of Carrera Classic. The article is then focusing on detailed stories of restoring classic Porsches to their original specification. These cars can be more than 50 years old, thus it is sometimes a challenge to be sure which parts are or should be the original parts of the car. The specification of the very early 911´s changed in 1964-1965 almost monthly. Later Porsche used many times the old parts until the old stock was finished and thus delayed the use of the new, model year correct parts.

One star car of the article is the first car of the original collection: 1968 model short wheelbase 911 S. This Ossi Blue car is a very original car still maintaining part of its original “Elefant Skin” interior, its original body panels and of course its matching numbers engine and gearbox. This car is now been completely rebuild respecting its originality and its well documented French history.

Carrera Classic philosophy is to build high quality restorations and return the cars exactly to their original specification as much as it is possible. Working with these cars needs a lot of ongoing research and hunting of old parts. Carrera Classic has a extensive library of old workshop manuals, spare part lists, sales brochures and articles as references. Sometimes todays restorations are made to higher standard than the original cars were made 50 years ago. This in particular issue with the quality of the paint work, where only the highest quality is today accepted in the classic car market.



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