Team Carrera Classic at Mugello

Carrera Classic Racing Team started the new season in late March at Paul Ricard with two days test session with Markus Palttala.  After Paul Ricard the team moved to Mugello in Italy. There we 300 historic race cars driving in 9 different classes at the Mugello Classic 5-7.4.2024. The weather and food were great.  We drove two races with private practices and qualifying sessions in 3 days. Our team Jussi Itavuori and Risto Virtanen drove in total 6 hours on the track during the weekend.

Our first race was the 2 hour 60´s Endurance on Saturday evening. This is the race for pre -66 sports cars. This has become very popular and the number of participants is limited by the track classification. In Mugello it was max 60 cars for the 60´s Endurance.  This race is dominated by Shelby Cobras and 3,8 liter Jaguar E-types together with light and fast Lotus Elans. The race is intensive with so many cars on track with considerable speed differences. There was several Safety Car interventions during the race. Finally 58 cars started the race. We drove to the overall position 32/58 and with the engine handicap results to the respectable position 11/58.

Our main race was the first 2.0 Liter Cup race of the season on Sunday evening. The 2.0 liter Cup is one of the most competitive classes in present Historic Racing. Risto was driving very well already in the qualifying and he was the 5th fastest driver in the race. Our car was working very well and we had the highest top speed (208,9km/h) in the race at the end of the long straight. In total there were 21 cars and we started as 11th. At best before the driver change we were already for a moment 2nd. After 1,5 hours we were in final results 10/21 which is a very good start for the season. 👍🚗

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