Porsche Festival 2021

The Porsche Festival 2021 was held successfully at Alastaro racetrack despite still ongoing Covid situation. Carrera Classic participated to the event with an own small exhibition area. We showed some of our restored cars and we had  the rebuild 964 3,8 liter engine conversion with Cargraphic exhaust system with us. The engine became really an attraction for the Porsche enthusiasts. The exhaust system was considered almost as an piece of art by many participants for good reason.


We were also participating to the Concours Elegance with two of our own cars and with one customer car. All our cars got a prize in their classes, but we were  in particular happy for the 1. Price for the white 1988 Carrera 3.2. This is a customer car which we have originally sourced from Germany and then rebuild completely for the customer. We also visited the Porsche stand with the original 917 racer. Important and impressive car, but it would have been even more impressive, if we could have heard the sound of the mighty flat 12 engine.


The Porsche festival had also a lot of racing activity. We should have participated to the Time Trial with our 1965 Porsche 911, but the big accident on previous weekend in Ahvenisto kept the car in garage. This time PRCF Finland had organized together with Porsche a possibility to test drive the new 2022 model 992 GT3 Cup and the Cayman 718 GT4 CS Competition. We took this opportunity to drive the 992 GT3 Cup car under the guidance of professional Porsche driver Jukka Honkavuori. Great experience, but for a guy racing actively with a 1965 model Porsche it was a bit too much. Endless power and mechanical grip. Very exact steering, gear change with flaps, “no” cluch, glass cockpit, traction control, ABS… These cars are getting every year faster and faster and at the same time easier to drive. The only thing which is getting more difficult over the years is to get in and out of the car – maybe it is only my personal problem. 🙂


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