Importance of Driving Data

We started our journey in racing driving seriously in 2018. The first step was the Finnish circuit driving license. This is a compulsory step if you want to drive in any real circuit race. It is about the rules, signal flacks and good behavior on the track. The actual learning of driving the race car is an other story. Having history in some sports like alpine skiing and golf it was natural to look for some coach or pro even we had some history from Porsche Experience Center in Silverstone. The PCF is organizing track training, but to have professional coaching on long term basis in racing driving seems to be quite unusual. This is maybe due to the fact that we, the Finnish men, are all great drivers by nature and do not really need any help.


Well, we decided that there is a need for ongoing professional coaching and we come across with Risto Virtanen who has impressive racing career from karting to formula cars and endurance racing. We drove 4-5 times a year with Risto on the Finnish tracks in 2018 and 2019. At that point we felt that we needed more analysis what really happens in the car and why one driver is faster than the other. We installed for the season 2020 AIM MXm datalogger to get the brake, throttle and steering information to help our analysis. We got great help from Sami Oja from AIM Finland. Now we have facts about the braking points, brake pressure, throttle etc. This opened a completely new world to the coaching. Actually we found out that some of our assumptions on the driving styles were wrong. To have the coach/pro to drive the fast lap as a basis and then to compare your own lap to that has been extremely efficient learning experience. Everybody in motorsport is investing a lot on the car or bike, but you often get many times better payback by investing in your own driving, with a coach and with the ongoing use of the driver data.


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