Domestic Race Season 2021

Our season 2021 started with full bare metal maintenance of the car during the winter brake. It was time to do it. We had driven the car 9000 track km during the last 3 years and counting from year 2000 the car had about 21.000 track kilometers. In this work we found some 30 year old repairs which had several kilos of filler on them. Now the car was tip top, but we still had challenges. 


We raced both in HRF Historic Race Cup and PRCF Time Trial. The beginning of the season was difficult due to persistant carburator problems. After hard work by our chief mechanic Jan, we finally found the problem, which was a systematic quality problem in the renovation of the Solex racing carburetors. We found 11 faulty carburetors out of 12. They were finally fixed mid season, unfortunately after, not before, our home race at Botniaring. Then we went to PRCF Time Trial at Kymiring in beginning of August.  The test day went well, but we lost gearbox in warm up and could not drive the actual race. And then our misfortunes continued. At Ahvenisto on the Grand Race practice day we were again ready. The car was fast and we had a new gearbox. But then our driver got too eager too soon and on the still drying track the car spun from full speed at the “Tower turn” and crashed then backwards to the concrete wall.


Our fantastic team: Jan and Tomas build the car in only 11 days from the Ahvenisto crash to be fully ready again for the HRF final race at Kymiring. After some small technical problems the final race of the season went well. As a whole, it was a bit frustrating season, but as my colleaques say: This is motorsports. Thank you for everybody involved and in particular to HRF and PRCF race organizers who are doing a great job. Our domestic racing season 2021 is now over.


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