Classic Porsche 911 on ICE

We had a great possibility to test our 1965 Porsche 911 race car on a closed ice circuit in Finland in February. This was also the first test of our second Rugen build FIA race engine and the new gearbox which we had installed during the winter. The winter conditions were perfect. We had about -15 C°, hard ice and the sun was shining.

To drive a classic Porsche on pure ice was a new experience for us even we have been driving different cars on ice since we were kids. The real big surprise

was the excellent grip of the tyres. We are used to drive old VW Beetles with normal winter tyres and those cars we just continuously oversteering trough the track. The old saying was that we should install the windshield wipers on the side windows. Our 1965 Porsche 911 was equipped with modern ice track racing tyres with a lot of high spikes. The grip felt almost better than the grip of Dunlop racing tyres on tarmac. You find quite soon that the driving technique becomes closer to rally driving where you often need to begin the turns by throwing the car in a slide and then accelerate and oversteer the car trough the turns. We are not yet masters in this but we can tell you that it was great fun to practice 🙂




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