Classic Data Finland

Classic Data is the oldest, largest and best known organization in Europe doing assesments of the classic cars and giving professional opinion of the values of the cars. Classic Data Finland ( is operating under the wing of Classic Data Marktbeobactung Gmbh in Germany. Each assessment of Classic Data is documented in a 20-30 pages report which confirms the identity of the car and goes trough with picture documentation the condition of the car. Finally the car has an evaluation certificate confirming the general condition of the car on a scale from 1 to 5 as well as the market value. These certificates and values are then confirmed by the German parent company.

Carrera Classic has already many years co-operated with Classic Data. Markus Nieminen has became a familiar face at our base. Markus joined us again in late March to do the evaluation for two fully renovated early 911s. This time we had ready a Tangerine 1969 911S and a white 1965 911 to be assessed. Carrera Classic is inviting Classic Data to do this assessment on all cars which we consider to be ready. This time the Tangerine car was already sold even the final test drive program was still going on. In this case the customer also demanded the assessment, even he had already bought the car.

For Carrera Classic the co-operation with Classic Data is important in many ways. Most importantly it is part of our own quality control process. There is always some details which only fresh eyes can notice and it gives us possibility to fix those issues before the customer deliveries. Customers appreciate an outside opinion before buying and some customers simply demand it. In many countries like in Germany and France this kind of evaluations are needed also for insurance purposes.


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