Carrera Classic Open Day

Carrera Classic organized an open evening for the classic Porsche enthusiast from the Ostrobothnia area on Thursday August 18th at our base close to Vaasa. Despite of the low key invitation we had a big group of enthusiastic Porsche people arriving with their own fantastic Porsches, which already created an exhibition of its own. We were discussing the whole evening on the fascinating technical details of the old Porsches as well as their colorful histories. We looked with admiration the just re-chromed window frame parts. We looked the ready concourse restored cars, several cars under work as well as cars waiting for the beginning of the restoration. Favorites of the evening were our brand new red 1965 911 FIA race car in ready to race condition and the rare 1967 911 S Soft Window Targa which is waiting for the beginning of a complete 1500h – 2000 h restoration project in the coming years. The whole evening was very nice and we all learned certainly something new.



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