Botniaring Trackday 2017

Carrera Classic organized the already traditional trackday at Botniaring race-track on Friday 4th of August. We were about 40 of us spending the day at the track. This year we had a lot of new friends who represented Finnish classic Porsche racers and collectors working with several similar kind of projects as we do.

This time we bought 8 of our older Porsches to Botniaring, but the main theme was the two old red 1965 911 ́s we have got ready this summer. We got just before the event delivery of the completely restored Rubin Red 1965 911. This car was fully restored by Turmgarage Gmbh in Kleve in Germany for us. They spend close to 2000 manhours and close to 2 years to restore the car to its original specification. Sebastian Giannone from Turmgarage came from Germany to Botniaring with his own 912 to tell the local Porsche enthusiast about the details of the restoration. This car has been restored to the highest standards and with all the odd details of the very early cars. The quality of the restoration was impressive for our guests.

The other star of the event was our new Rugen powered 1965 911 racecar. We had had a just a couple of test sessions at Botniaring before this first public appearance. The previous owner of the car, Pekka Kokeakoski who raced the car on circuit from 2000 – 2016 was present to test the new configuration. We drove a few laps together and Pekka had a smile on his face. I think it was a good sign. Our taxi drives unfortunately ended short in the afternoon as we had problem with the Filter King fuel pressure regulator.


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