1965 Porsche 911 at Kymiring

Porsche Sports Cup Weekend was organised by Porsche Racing Club Finland at the new Kymiring racetrack in August 7-8. 2020. Kymiring is the new Finnish race track opened in 2020. The track is 4600 m long and it is classified to the highest FIA and FIM grades. The track should have hosted the MotoGP World Championships race in 2020, but corona changed unfortunately everything.

The PRCF event included races in the Porsche Sprint Challenge for GT3 CUP cars, PRCF Club Racing and Time Trial races. Carrera Classic team was participating to the Time Trial races which gave us possibility for free practice on Friday and 3*20 minutes races on Saturday. As we are mainly driving in Historic

Racing events with our 1965 Porsche 911 this was a new experience for us. In TT there was only two cars in Classic category and we drove together with other classes. The race was mainly occupied by relatively new Porsche 911 models, many of them GT3 or GT3 RS models. More than 50 years age difference did not really disturb. There was space for everybody. In TT you drive your own pace and your two fastest laps from three sessions are counted. For us this was excellent way of getting a lot of quality test time on this new track. After letting the big 911´s go first it gave us about 5 laps free track time before the fastest GT3 RS was lapping us.

Kymiring is a great technical track. Its 4600 meter long and 12 meters wide modern track. It has the longest straight of any GP track in Europe, with1200 meters. The other part of the track is slower and very technical with bigger and smaller turns which go up and down. The track has elevation of 23 m which adds to challenge in many turns. Our average speed was about 114 km/h and we reached with our old 1965 Porsche a top speed of 201 km/h at the 150 m braking point in the end of the straight. That was quite a speed for the old car. Please, join us for a round at Kymiring track on the attached incar video.

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