Wedding Glamour !

Our friends Christina and Daniel were married at end of June 2019 in the historic and romantic church of Mustasaari in the Old Vaasa. This church was originally built in 1776 as a court house and it was converted to a church after the big fire of city of Vaasa in 1863.

There is a lot of history in the site, but Christina and Daniel also wanted to have something special to remember for their first trip after the wedding ceremony to the restaurant where they organized the party for their friends and relatives. Sometimes people want to have a chauffeur driven limousine for this kind occasion, but they wanted to have a sports car, a Porsche.

We were happy to offer our fully renovated 1970 model Porsche 911 S for this Great occasion. The car has its own history with certainly some romantic elements in it. This car was delivered to its first owner, His Majesty, Prince Bertil of Sweden, in November 1969 in front of his home, Villa Solbacken in Stockholm. Bertil was a keen car and Porsche enthusiast but in this occasion maybe it is appropriate to remember also some more romantic side of the history related to the car and Prince Bertil. Bertil’s brother was the father of the present king Carl XVI Gustaf who due to some dramatic events became the crown prince at the age of 4 in 1950. Bertil’s great love was Lillian whom he met already in late 1940´s in London. Due to his royal obligations Bertil was not able to marry Lilian before 1976 even though they had lived together for decades in villa Solbacken. We have good reason to believe that Lilian and Bertil have travelled in this very same car 50 years earlier than Christina and Daniel.


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