Velodromloppet 2019

Finnish classic car magazin Mobilisti published a collection of articles of the legendary

Velodromloppet at Gellerås racing track in Karlskoga, Sweden. Gellerås racing track was build in beginning of 1950´s and it is essential part of Swedish racing history e.g. the home for the famous Kanonloppet. The track has had it ups and downs, great races and terrible accidents. The track has been modified several time and today it is 2.350 m long.

Velodromloppet in mid June is the major event of the Swedish historic racing season. This summer there were almost 200 cars in several different heats. More than 10 cars came this year from Finland. Carrera Classic team was participating first time with our 1965 Porsche 911 race car.The magazine tells the story of the team preparation and trip to Sweden, with some nice stories about the development of the car over the

last two years. For our team and driver the trip was a good experience. The track was new for us but we improved the lap times trough out the weekend. The track was also quite narrow and in the GT/GTS pre -66 class the speed differences were big. We had in the same heat: Ford GT40, Ford Mustangs, big Austin Healeys, Austin Healey Sprites, Lotus Elans and Marcos 1800 prototypes in addition to the two Porsche 911´s. In the long race on the second day there was a lot of trafic. You became lapped and you were lapping cars yourself all the time.

We also learned a bit of the fighting spirit and driving style of our Swedish collegues. Our Porche was hit in he back of the car in the main straight braking by a Shelby Mustang GT350 which lost control in the high speed breaking before the tight right turn. Well this is racing and after the race our Swedish collegues were hadling the incidents in a very gentleman like way. Next year we need to be even faster so that no one can hit us from the back.


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