This is Green in Two Ways

In late fall 2020 we got ready this very original 1971 model Porsche 911 E. We made a full bare metal restoration, even the car was in good drivable condition. This car was from its original condition one of the best cars we have ever restored. This car is really green in two different ways.


Its original color is Conda Green. Many would confuse it for good reason to the Viper Green, which came well known with the RS models. This car is an original California car which moved in early 1990´s to Japan, where it was used very little. It came to us via Germany. The bright green color is maybe too much for some, but for us it is a real beauty. You need to go in your mind to early 1970´s California where you see the car in its own natural environment.


This car is green also in an other way. It is one of the first Porsches which started to have the new equipment to deal with the new Californian environmental legislation at the time. The car has a black box with VW marks on it. These were in all early 1970´s Californian cars. We in Europe have usually thrown them away when we have restored these cars, without really understanding what they were. This system was called EVAP – ”Evaporative Fuel Emission Control System”. It was circulating the fuel emissions from the fuel tank trough an active coal filter to the engine to be burned. In this car this system is fully operational. This EVAP system was the beginning of the long evolution of the US environmental legislation and regulation, which has affected the development of the cars since then until todays full electric cars and beyond.

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