Tekniikan maailma 02/2016

The major Finnish technical magazine Tekniikanmaailma (2/16) published an story written by Markus Nieminen (in Finnish) of the 964 C4 Lightwight with the heading “Barths` Special”. The article is telling about the history of the car starting from the interest of the American customers in the late 1980´s for a super light, “extreme fun”, four wheel drive racing car. The story tells also about the extra stock of 953 Paris – Dakar drivetrains in Weissach, internal politics in Porsche concerning the pricing of the car and many other interesting details of the history of this ultra rare racing car.

The article also tells about the experience of driving the car with Jurgen Barth and finding the right balance of the car by adjusting the four wheel drive system manually while driving on the Botniaring wet racing track. This car is “extreme fun” to drive, but it is also important part of the Porsche history.



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