Techno Classica 2018

Carrera Classic visited the annual Techno Classica fair at Essen in Germany in the end of March. The show is one of the most important international trade fairs for vintage cars and modern classics.

Porsche Classic was well presented in the fair with more than 1,500 square metres stand. The brand celebrated two anniversaries simultaneously: 70 years of the Porsche sports car and 30 years of the Porsche 964. The Porsche Classic offers customers original parts, service and restorations. Using a fully restored Porsche 959 as an example, alongside the body shell of a Porsche 356, visitors could see the high quality of the factory restorations. In addition, 13 Porsche Classic partners from seven European countries were exhibiting their vehicles for sale. Porsche Classic organized also an autograph session with Magnus Walker which we unfortunately missed.

For us the highlight of the fair was to meet the owner of Restoration Design Inc Mike de Jonge and discuss the various challenges of restoring classic Porsches. Restoration Design is a Canada-based manufacturer of high quality replacement sheet metal for vintage Porsche automobiles. They have become well known for their flawless model/year correct reproduction parts. For us they are important supplier of large variety of sheet metal parts for our bare metal restoration projects of early 911´s.



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