Sound of Webasto Heater

The first generation Porsche 911 cars had an option for the Webasto heaters.

Even it was only an option it looks that most if not all the short wheelbase cars (1965-1968) have had this option. The Webasto heater type was P1018. We have worked with several of these SWB cars over the years and they all have had it. It is always the same story. When the car comes to restoration, you check the car and open the “Smugglers Box” and you find something which looks like a old tomb. In most of the case this tomb has been closed for decades, even the car could have been in daily use. The tomb has been hidden also because the cars have lost the external exhaust pipes already long time ago due to corrosion.

Still sometime ago these Webasto heaters were taken away from the cars as they were considered difficult to renovate, unreliable and even dangerous. We have now two fully renovated 1965 911´s and a 1968 911S installed with the restored original Webasto. The restoration needs professional skills and we would strongly recommend to test the system first outside the car before the final cosmetic restoration. Please check the short video of the first test of the system for the 1968 911S. When everything is professionally restored these systems are as safe as they were when they were new. When we are restoring SWB cars to their original specification, we strongly think that the working Webasto is part of the originality of the car even if you would not use it.



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