Race Season 2020

Historic racing season 2020 was seriously affected by the coronavirus in

particular for our plans for European races. We had prepared to participate to the Peter Auto 2.0 liter Cup Races in Spa in May and in Dijon in June. On the way back we planned to stop in Sweden for the Kanonloppet at Gellerås track in Karskoga. All these races were cancelled to our great disappointment.

The HRF racing season in Finland started in beginning of July at our own home track, Botniaring. Due to travel restrictions our driver was in 14 days guarantee, thus still no race. For us the racing season started at Kemora in the end of July. We had been able to do the first tests for the car and warm up the driver after the long winter brake during the previous week. This race went in all respects well. Then we continued tests at Botniaring and Ahvenisto. We went to the Grand Race at Ahvenisto with great hopes. Already in free practice on Friday we had engine problems which got even worse on the first race day on Saturday. We were not able to solve the issues on the track, thus we had to leave home before the Sunday race. We solved the problems at home and went to Kymiring in the beginning of September. The infrastructure at Kymiring was not yet completely ready, but the race track was great. The big HRF race (150 cars) was a challenge for the limited infrastructure at Kymiring, but everything went really smoothly, even regardless of the heavy rain on Sunday during the 2. race. We were happy for the results on both dry and wet race at Kymi. Warm thanks for HRF organization and HRF Chairman Juha Liukkonen who were able to organize the season and in particular the great final race at Kymiring which was not at all obvious.

This year our biggest achievement in the Gulf Historic Race Cup was not the overall results. But it was a sort of an achievement to have our car in the official add of the 2020 race series.


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