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Carrera Classic racecar project to rebuild the old 1965 911 FIA racing car to the highest possible specification was done together with Manfred Rugen Motorentechnik. In spring 2016 Jurgen Barth had introduced us to Manfred Rugen who has been the last 20 years the leading race engine builder in the classic Porsche world. Late 2016 we discussed with him about the possibility to rebuild our two 901 race engines to the FIA Group 3 GT specification. The first engine was to be track optimized engine and the second one made more for rallies. He accepted the project and we met him in February at his new workshop to discuss our engines and their new specification. We had send in advance our two engines and he had disassembled them before our visit. We visited Hepstedt together with our Finnish engine provider Jukka-Pekka Pukema from Pukema Engineering.

During the spring the engine parts were prepared and new parts were sourced. Finally in the mid July, in time as agreed, we got our first race engine to be installed to our ready race car waiting to be test driven. It was a great day and it was the start for the intensive test program to be driven in August – September at Botniaring.

We are happy and proud to work together with Manfred Rugen Motorentechnik.


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