Porsche GT3 CUP car on track

Carrera Classic has been organizing open track days since 2015 at Botniaring.

This year the event was a bit different than before. We organized the event together with Relaa Racing from Kauhajoki. Relaa Racing has participated to the Finnish and Nordic circuit races with Porsches already over 10 years. This year they raced two Porsche GT3 Cup cars in the GT3 Challenge and NEZ series. The founder of the team Raimo Niemi is driving himself in the series, but he is also very much the man behind the Porsche racing series in Finland.

This year some of our friends and customers had a possibility to drive themselves the Relaa Racing 2012 997 GT3 Cup car first with Raimo on the second seat and then on their own. This was a great experience for all of us. Our friends could also compare their experience with modern race car with a almost 50 years older racing car of same origin by driving our 1965 Porsche 911 race car.

In addition to the race cars our gusts came with their own cars and that opened an other interesting world of present days Porsches. We had on the track e.g. Macan Turbo, Panamera Hybrid Sport Turismo and a new 991 GT2 RS. It is impressive to look the latest GT2 RS model next to the fully renovated 1965 911. There is a difference of 53 years and 570 hp, but both cars have the same visual image, boxer 6 engine in the rear and they both are the leading technology of their time. They are both Porsche 911.


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