New Classic car Magazine

New Finnish classic car magazine “Autostrada” was published last weekend at

the Classic Motorshow event in Lahti. This magazine is published by Markus Nieminen together with his colleaques Juhani Anttila and Antti Reenpää who all have been classic car enthusiast for decades. In total they count their experience to be around 100 years.

This new magazine will take new deeper look in to the world of the classic cars.

It will publish indepth articles about the history of the motorsports, technical development of cars, development of the different car types and about everything related to the classic cars: Restoration projects, literature, movies and miniature cars.

The editors have long experience of classic cars, but you can read between the lines that their particular interest in Italian and German cars and in particular Porsches. This first edition is using several pictures from Carrera Classic events and our cars. We also gave them technical and historical support in writing the article about the history of the first 901/911 prototypes and the special features of the very early 911´s.

Future will show how the audience will find this new magazine. We hope all the best for this new initiative and we are also ready to support the magazine in all possible ways in the future.

If you want more information on the magazine, please look at their web site:




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