Moottori magazine: Prins Bertil´s Porsche 911

The largest Finnish motoring magazine MOOTTORI published in April 2017

a large article written by Jussi Saarinen (in Finnish) about Carrera Classic and restoration of the Prins Bertil´s Porsche 911. The article outlines the story of this very special Porsche 911 with the meticulous two thousand hour restoration work and the attention to the detail which has been applied. The article takes also a wider view to the business model of Carrera Classic.

The test drive of “Bertil” gave Jussi Saarinen a new experience of driving almost 50 years old sports car. Having a lot of experience from modern high powered cars he did expect the old Porsche to be a bit tame, but this impression changed. He impression was a feeling of surprisingly high quality. The car was well balanced and very solid without any additional unwanted noises. Even the car has quite low power output compared to the modern sports cars, it is also small, light and agile. He had the sensation of driving a real sports car with a real charm.


bertil taitto

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