Mission completed!

Carrera Classic has been working 3 years with the full restoration of this beautiful Orange, in Porsche language Tangerine, 1969 model 911 S. The car has gone trough a 2000 hour bare metal restoration even the car was in good drivable condition before the start. We bought the car from our friends at Gallery Aaldering at Brummen in Netherlands in 2012. The car has well documented history originally from Italy and then from Netherlands.

The model year 1969 was the first long wheelbase (LWB) model. Due to the difficult handling and weight balance of the short wheelbase cars, Porsche increased the wheelbase with 57mm in the new B-series. Also a second battery was added to the front of the car on the right side. The car got first time the mechanical fuel injection which had been used for the previous three years in the Porsche racing cars. The engine power went up from 160 bhp to 170 bhp. This1969 model 911 S is considered as one of the most drivable 911 models, before the cars started to gradually collect more weight and restrictions on their performance.

Now after the detailed renovation, complete overhaul of the engine and gearbox, new interior etc. the car is absolutely stunning and after extensive test drives and engine tuning the car runs now in perfect manner as a “new” Porsche should run. After a long restoration like this, the most rewarding moment is the last test drive when everything works as it worked in 1969.


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