London Classic Car Show

February 2020 marked the new edition of The London Classic Car Show.

The show is firmly established as one of the must-attend events for discerning classic car owners, collectors, experts and enthusiasts in UK. Relocated in Kensington at the Olympia, you won’t get lost on your way there, as it truly is a sight to see. The event was buzzing with people even late in the afternoon, with attendees strolling through the aisles.

Multiple historical figures of the industry were celebrated this year, including a tribute to the legendary Bruce McLaren. In the organisers’ own words: “2020 marks 50 years since the tragic passing of undoubtedly one of F1’s true legends who, despite his untimely death, has left one of the most iconic legacies for generations of motoring and Formula 1 fans. 

This iconic event is a hub where history, legacy and expertise are closely intertwined. There truly is plenty to keep show-goers occupied, with the Car Stories stage being a true eye-catcher. The featured cars were: Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation, Aston Zagato, Aston Martin Vanquish, Audi Quattro Sport, Duesenberg Model J, Lotus 49B, Maserati 250F, Jaguar XK120 and the mighty Porsche 962C race car. Furthermore, the event acknowledged  “50 years of Range Rover”, as eight SUV’s representing key moments in the brand’s history were on display. The 40th birthday of the Audi Quatro was also properly celebrated at the Olympia. An auction took place on Saturday with around 60 classic cars going under the hammer.

As the show features some of the world’s finest classic cars and vintage models for sale, this was a great opportunity for Carrera Classic to get in touch with the UK tribe of car enthusiasts.

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