Historic Race Season Opens

The European historic race season was started April 5-7. at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit in a nice spring weather. Peter Auto is organizing this year 6 major classic circuit races on the big, F1 tracks around continental Europe. The tracks include many iconic tracks like SPA, Hungaroring and Monza. The season start in Barcelona had 9 different endurance race grids from different periods. As usual there were again a lot of Porsches: 904, 911, RSR, 910, 917, 962, 935 etc.

Most interesting grid for us was of course the 2.0 Liter CUP. This is an European endurance racing series only for the pre 1966 Porsche 911 race cars. The race format is 1 h 30 min race with one stop and typically with a driver change. Most of the teams had two drivers, but some where driving the whole 1,5 hours. Our good friend Lee Maxted Page (Picture) was one of the brave ones to drive alone the whole race. There were 24 1965 911´s on the starting grid and the race was hard in the top. The difference between the first and second car was only 1,6 seconds after 1,5 hours. This grid is very interesting as the cars are quite comparable. Of course some cars were faster than others as always in motorsports and some drivers were professionals as some others were more enthusiastic amateurs. Still the whole grid was quite even and there were many good fights, not only in the top. This 2.0 liter cup has become quite popular and last year there were almost 40 cars in SPA.  For us this was a great opportunity to spend time on the paddock to discuss with the teams and drivers and learn new ideas for our own race development.  Our dream is to take our own 1965 911 FIA race car one year to these European circuits.

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