Fuchs Wheels – Short History

Fuchs wheels are essential part of Porsche history and the visual image of a Porsche 911. Fuchs alloy wheels where a major step in wheel technology in the mid 1960. In September 1963, Porsche had presented the 911 and wanted to equip the most powerful version, the new coming 911S, with a particularly lightweight and heavy-duty wheels. It should not be cast, but rather be a wheel forged from one piece, which was something new. This new technology made the wheels light and much stronger than other alloy wheels at the time. The Porsche specification for Fuchs was that the wheels should be 3 kg lighter than the steel wheels which had been used before in 356 and early 911/912 cars. In our own stock we have both steel wheels and early Fuchs wheels. Steel wheels weight 7,5 kg to 8,0 kg depending on size as the comparable Fuchs wheels weight from 5,2 kg to 5,4 kg, thus the 3 kg objective was almost reached.

The first Fuchs wheels were introduced already in1965 when the first Targa prototype was presented. The new 911 S got the first production Fuchs wheels for the 1967 model. They were 4,5*15 wheels with silver alloy appearance. The 1968 911 S got then already wider 5,5*15 wheels with the typical black and alloy appearance. In 1969 the 911 S got the 6*15 wheels which became then standard size for many years. There are several different variations of the early wheels. Gradually these wheels started to get different colors and the sizes started grow both in width and in rim diameter. Just last week I ordered Fuchs RSR wheels in the size 11*18 to a 946 backdate project. This is the biggest wheel I have seen, which still has the original Fuchs appearance.

For our Finnish friends there is attached an article which was published in Finnish Porsche Club Magazine in August. It is a little bit longer version of the Fuchs wheels history.


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