Dix Mille Tour – Paul Ricard – 2.0 Liter Cup

Dix Mille Tour – Paul Ricard

2.0 Liter Cup continued last weekend 26-28.8 at Paul Ricard in southern France. Team Carrera Classic was there after long, 4 days, one way transfer of 2000 km in the van and one day on the ferry. Paul Ricard is very special and beautiful 5,8 km F1 track with large painted safety areas on the Mediterranean coast. During the summer the team had done a lot of work: Rebuild the suspension, brake system and made a lot of engine test. This work started now to pay off. The Paul Ricard event was very competitive with all the top teams and drivers present. In this series there are a lot of top drivers with serious touring car or even Le Mans experience. The race was now more even as everybody had to start with similar brand new, “non shaved”, Avon tyres. Our racing speed was clearly better than in the first part of the season. Risto was driving in Qualifying about 2,2 seconds behind the fastest reference cars which was even better result than we could expect. This improvement came partly from new tyre rules but mainly from our own better race speed.

In the race (1,5h) we were also doing well. We started P16, but gained quickly positions to be at around P10, then even short time P7 when the pit window was open. Our final position was 12/23. We were proud to share the top speed (190,1 km/h) of the race in the speed trap with the winner Andrew Jordan.

Our next race is in Finland at Kymiring beginning of September and then again the final race of the season: SPA Six Hours in end of September.

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