Since 2012 we have been building our competence related to all aspects of restoration of historic air cooled Porsches. In 2018 we decided to extend our business and work also with external customer projects. Since then we have done for our customers 2-3 major repairs, partial restorations or major upgrades a year. We have worked with all major air cooled Porsche models. We have had customer projects with 356, 912, different early 911´s, G -model 911, 911 SC, Carrera 3.0, Carrera 3.2 and later 964 and 993 models. These project have varied from major repairs to almost complete restorations. We have completed several restoration projects which have for reason or other not been completed, some of them been hibernating even up to 20 years before coming to us. We have been doing also major engine rebuilds together with Pukema Engineering. For customers we have build several standard 356 and 911 engines, but also major upgrades like e.g. 3.0 liter to 3.2 liter upgrade with PMO carburators and now we are now working with a 964 3,6 to 3.8 upgrade with major power enhancement. This latest example is related to a major 964 backdate project which will be completed in summer 2021. Today we employ in addition to the owners, 3-4 people full time with our projects.