Date of manufacturing:
9. 6. 1957
Polar Silver (L324)
Light grey
Boxer 4 – 1192 cc (64mm/77mm)
Engine Power:
30 hp
Factory Weight:
730 kg
Top Speed:
110 km/h

In 1933, Adolf Hitler met Ferdinand Porsche to discuss the development of a ”People’s Car”, Volkswagen. This was a basic vehicle that should be capable of transporting two adults and three children at a speed of 100 km/h and which should cost no more than 990 Reichsmark. This was the beginning for a remarkable story. Over 21 million Type 1 VW cars were built until 2004 when the production ended.


This Volkswagen Beetle with oval rear window was delivered to Germany in June 1957. It was an export model equipped with all the luxuries available at that time. Such as a VW Sperrwolf gearbox lock, clock in the dashboard, outside mirror, chrome luggage rack and dual chromed exhaust. Originally delivered in beautiful color combination, ‘polarsilber’ and ‘hellgrau’ interior. Car is Volkswagen certified and equipped with its original and therefore ”matching numbers” engine.


We bought this car in 2016. It has been fully restored and we commissioned new interior to the car in Netherlands in 2016. The engine was rebuild by J-P Pukema at Pukema Engineering. The car has been before in German oldtimer register. In 2017 the car was registered to the Finnish Veteran Vehicle Register.