PORSCHE 964 – One of 22 – Ultra Rare

Engine Power:
265 bhp

This car is a ultra rare 964 C4 Lightweight /Lightbau. It is one of the only 22 super light, 4 wheel drive 964 racing cars build by Porsche Customer Racing Department under leadership of Jurgen Barth in 1990/1992. Each Carrera C4 LW started as a bare 964 bodysell which was rewelded in Weissach. The aluminium doors and front lids were installed. The car got plastic side windows and lightweight door panels. The engine was 3,6 liter twin plug engine with 265 bhp. The 4 wheel drive system came from 953 Paris-Dakar car and the suspension from 964 CUP cars. This 964 C4 LW weighted only 1095 kg. Jurgen Barth drowe the car himself for Carrera Classic at Botniaring in summer 2015.


The car was sold on our behalf by Thomas J. Schmitz, German Sports Cars GmbH, at Telgte, Germany. ( www.germansportscars.net )