Date of manufacturing:
Ossi Blue
Boxer 6 – 1991 cc Weber 40 IDA carburator
Engine Power:
160 bhp (118 KW)/6600 rpm
Factory Weight:
1075 kg
Top Speed:
220 km/h

Porsche introduced the first major engine upgrade in 1967 when the new 2.0 liter 911 S engine with Weber IDA carburators was introduced. This new engine produced 160 bhp/6600 rpm compared to the original 130 bhp/6100 rpm.


This car is fully matching numbers, short wheel base 911 S confirmed by Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and copy of the original Kardex. The car has its original engine and its 5 speed gearbox. The car has its original Ossi Blue color and still largely original panels and partly original very rare ”Elefant skin” interior. This special interior option was offered only in the model year 1968. The driver side Talbot Junior mirror has been installed very likely at delivery. The car has also got early in its life the period typical Cibie Pallas lamps. The car has been manufactured in October 1967 and then sold by French Porsche importer Sonauto on February 1968 to customer in Paris. The full history of the car is well documented. The last French owner had the car for 21 years, from 1991 to 2012 as his daily driver.


The car is now in excellent and fully period original condition, with standard Hella 128 fog lamps, correct Blaupunkt radio, electric antenna and correct 420mm leather steering wheel. The car went trough 2014/2017 a compete overhoul including bare metal repainting, overhaul of the all the mechanical and electrical systems, interior, front- and engine boots. Original engine and gearbox have been completely rebuild. The car has still its original, now overhouled 5,5*15 Fuchs wheels with correct (8/67) production date stamps. The car is now in Finnish Veteran Vehicle Register with FIVA passport.