Date of manufacturing:
Engine Power:
210 bhp

Fully “matching numbers “ 1974 model Carrera 2.7. One of the very early Carreras build in 09/1973 as continuation for the famous Carrera RS production line, still with some original RS parts and original RS ducktail.

Fully restored in Belgium in 2014. The car has then been overhauled in 2014-2018 by Carrera Classic in detail to its original specification. The engine has been rebuild in Finland by Pukema Engineering in 2018 and the gearbox was rebuild by well known Porsche specialist in Vienna in 2013 with very limited mailage since repairs. New interior, new wings, restored instruments and full overhaul of all mechanical and electrical parts. Originally a Austrian car with full documented ownership with 8 owners in Austria from 1974 to 2013. Original Austrian “Einzelgenehmigung” documents

1974 model 911 Carrera 2.7 was the direct follower of its famous predecessor, 1973 911 Carrera 2,7 RS. These -74 Carreras have the same 210 bhp 911/83 engine with mechanical fuel injection (Bosch 019) and the first 200 cars build in 1973, used largely the same chassis parts and the same body reinforcements as the late 1973 Carrera RS´s. The main difference of the G model (-74) Carrera is the US crash test approved bumpers and the new G model interior with integrated headrests.

Carrera 2.7 is even more rare car than its famous predecessor. Only 1026 Carrera 2,7 Coupe cars for model year 1974 were produced and in total 1647 cars were produced during years 1973-1976.

The car was was test driven in Finland by the UK Porsche magazine Total911 in 2015. Classic Data report gave overall evaluation of 1- on the condition of the car.

The car was sold in spring 2021