1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A 1500 Cabriolet

Date of manufacturing:
Azur Blue
Grey Leather
1488 cc
Engine Power:
55 hp
Factory Weight:
800 kg
Top Speed:
155 km/h

This Porsche Pre-A Reutter Cabriolet is original Finnish car imported and registered in 1955. This is one of the 200 1955 model Cabriolet build. There was two 356 Porsches imported to Finland in 1955, one coupe and one cabriolet. This cars has its original 1500 cc 546/2 type engine with Solex 32 PBI Carburators. The engine gives 55hp at 4200 rpm. The 4 speed transmission is original type 519, 3 piece VW transmission. Transmission case was made out of magnesium with aluminium end piece. The car is in its original colour: Azur Blue with grey leather interior. The original Crown Prince Kpz steel wheels are 3,25 – 16 and dated 03/55.

The car history is well documented. It was imported by a Finnish doctor from Pori. He used the car a lot and made e.g. a trip to Spain with the car in late 1950´s. He also drove the record speed for the 237 km road trip from Helsinki to Pori with average speed of 121,5 km/h. This story was published in local newspaper at the time! The first owner kept the car until 1961 and since then the car had a few different owners during the 1960´s in Pori region. In early 1970´s , young Matti Alamäki, who much later became the European Rallycross Champion, bought the car as a project.  The car was already in quite bad shape and the engine case was damaged. The car was left in storage until the long renovation project started in 2002. The car was finally partly completed in 2017 and registered in Finnish Veteran Vehicle Register.

Carrera Classic bought the car in late 2021 and we started a upgrade project in fall 2022. The chassi was blasted and repainted. The transmission was rebuild. The original engine care was repaired and the engine was rebuild by JPS-Aircooled in Switzerland. in 2023 the car will be reassembled and a new interior and roof will be installed.