Carrera Classic Racing Season 2023

Carrera Classic racing season started in mid March at Paul Ricard in Southern France. We left Finland in real winter weather, -7°C and a lot of snow. 4 days and 2000 km later we were at Paul Ricard in a nice sunshine and +12° to +14° C day temperatures. Perfect conditions for the first track test of the season. The test session driven by Markus and Jussi went very well and we tested two different engines. Our Chief Mechanic, Jan, had a long evening at the track to change the engine in between the two test days.

Our main objective of the season in to participate to as many as possible 2.0 Liter Cup races organized by Peter Auto. This series is for 2.0 liter pre 1966 Porsche 911 FIA race cars. The race is 1,5 hours and it can be driven either with one or two driver. The 2.0 Liter Cup is maybe the most competitive racing class in present Historic Racing. Major teams and engine builders prepare and support most of the cars. Biggest single team brings 10 cars to the events. In the first race of the season 10 drivers of the 35 in total (in 24 cars) had official FIA classification of Silver or above, which mean that they are classified as Elite. There is time penalty for the Elite drivers. Our normal team, Jussi and Risto is now classified in Gentleman /Elite category. Our reserve driver, Markus, who is doing also test sessions with us would also be classified as Elite.

We continued our trip from Paul Ricard tests to the season opening in early April in Mugello. Now our race car is based in Spa, where we will do some further testing before Spa Classic in mid May. After Spa the next 2.0 Liter Cup race will be in Dijon at the Grand Prix De L´Age       D´Or in early June. Then we will go to Classic Le Mans. In the fall the plan is to be at the Dix Mille Tour at Paul Ricard in early September. We will tell more about the individual race events and results at our Facebook page. Please follow us. It will be a interesting season.


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