”closest to our heart are the 1960´s and early 70´s classic 911´s.”

Carrera Classic is a family owned collection of classic, top of the range and historically important Porsches. We are based in South West Finland.


Our collection represents a good cross section of evolution of the top of the range Porsches over the last 50 years. Today our oldest car is the “Furmann” engine, 356 Carrera 2 which was the supercar of the 1960´s.


Our youngest example is the future classic, a 4 liter 997 GT3 RS which is the last Porsche with the famous “Metzer” race engine, thus representing the end of an era. In between we have some exotic racing cars such as the ultra rare 964 C4 LW. Still, closest to our heart are the 1960´s and early 70´s classic 911´s.


* We are no affiliated to Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche, AG (www.porsche.com) or Oy AutoCarrera Ab.
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Do you share our passion?

We started our activity in 2012 and we operate as a commercial collection. We invest in cars with complete and interesting history and add value by restoring them into their original specification. When the car is fully restored and meets our high finish criteria, it is ready to re-enter the market. This way our collection will continuously be renewed.


We maintain, repair, renovate and test the cars in our own modern facilities. We are sensitive to environmental issues and operate with sustainability policy. We have a network of skilled Finnish and international partners who work with us in our major renovation projects.


Classic Porsches are fabulous cars and they made to be driven. Even if they have become collectors’ items they still need to be driven regulary to keep them alive. We are lucky to operate in an area where we can choose to drive them either alongside idyllic countryside roads or on a full size, professional racing track.