In 1965 Porsche 912 was the cheaper variant of the new Porsche 911 model line with the 4 cylinder 1,6 liter engine derived from the previous 356 models. In the late 1960´s 912 became a very popular rally car due to its better weight balance and handling.

This 1967 model 912 was delivered in early 1967 to Scania Vabis Rally Team in Sweden confirmed by a copy of the original Kardex and original registration documents. The car was driven by Leif Nilsson during the rally season 1967. It became the best Porsche, 8th, in the Swedish KAK Rally in March 1967. There are some fabulous press pictures from the KAK rally when the car is oversteering on the ice track.

This car has had a rough life as many rally cars of the time have had. Now after 4 years work the car is completely bare metal renovated and returned to the same specification as it was in 1967 in the KAK Rally. Even the correct number and advertisement decals are available. The rally specification from the factory was the Recaro seats, front and rear stabilisators, KONI shockabsorbers and dead pedal. Bosch Knick extra lights were installed in Sweden. Period correct rally equipment including Halda Twinmaster and Speedpilot have been installed.

The 1960´s rally cars did not have roll cages. They became compulsory only in the early 1970´s.  This car is now also prepared for serious historic rally events and it has all the modern safety equipment including the roll cage. The 1,6 liter engine has been prepared by J-P Pukema together with Pit Schweiger from JPS Aircooled GmbH in Switzerland to a full racing specification. The gearbox has been rally optimised with shorter 4th and 5th gear and with a differential lock.

We are now looking forward to test drive this 912 Rally car together with our 1965 911 race car on ice. We have all the proper winter tyres with proper rally spikes ready. Now we only need the proper winter season.

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