356 Carrera 2 Engine is Home

Our Slate Grey 1962, 356 Carrera 2 has been living quiet, even too quiet life for couple of seasons as its engine has been waiting for service. Now this 2.0 liter 587/1 engine has returned home. These 60 years old engines need to be maintained properly now and then to be sure that they will last with us also to the next decades. Our engine was running well, but we wanted to have it fully maintained. There are not so many people in the world who are able to deal with these very special engines. We were lucky and honored to have well known specialist Mr Karl Hloch in Germany to maintain and renovate our engine. The engine was completely disassembled, all parts were checked and repaired. Finally also the exterior parts of the engine were renovated. Our engine is a bit tuned up version with big Weber 48 carburetors and 904 cylinders and pistons. The estimated power output is respectable 150 hp.

These four cylinder Fuhrmann engines were built between 1954 and 1965. There was less than 2000 units ever build in total in different versions. They are really important part of the Porsche racing engine history. They were developed originally by Ernst Fuhrmann in 1952. The later development in early 60´s was done by an other Porsche engine legend, Hans Mezger. The first versions of Fuhrmann engines were 1500 – 1600 cc (type 547) developing 100 hp-164 hp. They were used in Porsche racing cars e.g. 550 and 718 in the 50´s. The ultimate version of this engine was the 4-cam, twin plug and dual distributor, two liter 587 engine developing 130 hp-192 hp. A 904 GTS equipped with this engine won the Targa Florio in 1964 and in 1965 finished second in the Monte Carlo Rally.

We hardly can wait next summer to be on the road again.

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