2019/2020 Customer Projects

Carrera Classic was originally restoring cars only for its own collection and then later cars for sale. In 2018 we decided to start doing external customer projects in addition to our own projects. I winter 2019/2020 we worked already more for the customer projects than we worked for our own projects. We had three major customer projects in addition to some smaller projects which were ready for the summer 2020.

We completed a 356 Super 90 restoration project.The car chassi was ready when it came to us, but we did all the mechanical and electrical installations, interior and then rebuild the engine. You could imagine that more simple 356/912 engines are easier to rebuild than the more sophisticated 911 engines, but that is not always the case. Machining the older 356 engines and finding parts to real special models like Super 90 is not always so simple. We also completed a 1977 911S restoration project which needed still a lot of work and a new engine. We found a 1976 911 S engine which we had rebuild before and we converted it for carburetors. The orange 911S is a beautiful car and really a great driver. Our third major project in 2019/20 was the white 1988 Carrera 3.2, the “Dream Car” we have wrote about already earlier.

In 2020/2021 winter work again with three major projects and we are again in the same situation that until summer 2021 the customer projects are taking most of our time. This is actually great. We really like to help people to get these cars to the road. We were well represented this year at the Porsche Festival in Alastaro trough our customers. The 356 Super 90 won its class in Concours Elegance with the highest points given to any car in the event. The second highest points overall were given to a beautiful very low milage 993 4S which we also have the honor to do the regular service. Congratulations for the winners.

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