2.0 Liter Cup Test Session

We were planning to participate to the Peter Auto 2.0 Liter Cup races in Spa in May and Dijon in June. Our team with elite drivers Risto Virtanen and Markus Palttala and gentleman driver Jussi Itävuori were ready for the race, but then Corona came and races were cancelled. 2.0 Liter Cup is a race only for Porsche 911 cars build before 1966.The rules are very tight and thus the cars should be quite even. This event is now running the third year and it has become very popular and very competitive in Europe. The race rules differentiate with elite and gentleman drivers. The elite drivers have FIA classification equal or higher than Silver category. If the team has a one elite driver it gets 30 sec penalty.

2.0 Liter Cup races are driven as part of the big Peter Auto events on the different F1 tacks in Europe. The major technical difference in these races with e.g. Finnish FIA races are the tyres. In 2.0 liter cup we use AVON tyres and in FIA races we use the historic Dunlop Racing tyres. We have used part of the 2020 season to test the Avon tyres, which are much more modern and stable tyres. They are clearly faster than the Dunlop tyres, in particular on the wet surface. The 2.0 liter Cup race is 1,5 hour endurance race which typically is driven by two drivers about 45 minutes each. There is a compulsory stop or driver change in the middle of the race. No refueling is allowed, thus we have to fill the 100 liter race tank almost full in the start.

To gain real experience on this kind of race for the crew and the car, we drove in mid September a full ”race simulation” at Botniaring. Risto drove the first 45 minutes with 20 full laps (80 km). Then driver change, and Jussi drove the second 20 laps. In this kind of race the important thing is the consistency of the driving. It is not question of the fastest lap, but about good consistent performance. The test was interesting and the whole team worked extremely well. After analyzing all the test results, we are now even more confident to participate to the 2.0 liter Cup in 2021. After missing one season, we are now even more prepared.

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