E 1971


Porsche 911 E was introduced first time for the 1969 model year with a two liter engine to be the model between the S and the basic T. The E came from the mechanical fuel injection which was in German language ”Einspritzung”. The second generation 2,2 liter E engine was produced in 1970-1971 and it gave 155 bhp. In total there were 1088 911 E Coupe cars build in model year 1971


Matching numbers original specification 2,2 liter 911 E, confirmed by Porsche Certificate of Authentity. The car was delivered in 1971 in California. In February 1992 the car was imported to Japan where it spent over 20 years and was very
little used. In November 2013 the car was sold to Germany and it came to Carrera Classic Collection in 2014.


This car is a very original example and it has never been renovated or it has never gone trough any major repairs before it come to us. Now the car has gone trough a full bare metal restoration in 2019-2020 to concourse condition. The car has the front spoiler and the black indicator lamp frames from the 1972 model 911 S. These small items from 1972 model year were very typical upgrades done to all the earlier cars.


This car has also complete and functional “Evaporative Emission System” complying with the new Californian environmental regulations at the time. It has also all the original approval stickers related to these Californian regulations which started the new era of emission regulations in the automotive world. Our green 911 E is really a “Green” car as it had one of the first systems to comply with these new environmental requirements.


Date of manufacturing:  1.7.1971

Engine: Boxer 6 – 2195 cc – MFI

Engine Power: 155 hp (116 KW)/6200 rpm

Torque: 191 Nm/4500 rpm

Color: Gonda Green (2626 /222)

Factory Weight: 1020 kg

Top Speed: 220 km/h

0-100km/h: 7,6 sec