Carrera Classic started purely as a collection of the historical and interesting Porsches mainly from 1960´and 70´s. Quite soon we became frustrated with the performance of the traditional restoration industry and endless number of changing suppliers. We started gradually to build up own capability to finally make complete and partial restorations for our own cars. Now after 8 years we can present ourselves also as a fullservice restoration company. We do full typically 1500 – 2000 hour bare metal restorations for our own cars which go to our collection and then later for sale. We do all disassembly work, chassi repairs, painting and final assembly by ourselves. With engine repairs we work closely with our partner company Pukema Engineering in Oulunsalo. During the last years we have developed extensive network and close relationship with many international parts suppliers, US car dismantling companies, European and US engine and gearbox builders, interior builders etc. We have typically 2-3 own projects going on in different stages of the work. The projects typically last 2 to 3 years. Then we keep the cars in the collection and extensive test driving can sometimes last even for a year or two before we are fully happy with the car.